David B – I will continue with Christina as my PT.

I retired a few years ago after a shoulder operation. The operation meant I gave up golf and did not take much exercise. I became quite unfit. Wishing to take up golf again I looked around for someone to help me back to fitness. I found Christina through a mutual friend.

In nine sessions she has turned me from a couch potato to a “spring chicken” – well not quite yet. At first she took it quite easy since I got lightheaded after even light exercises. At the same time as fitness routines she has worked hard on my flexiblity which is important for golf. Slowly but surely each session she built up the intensity of the exercises. After the first few sessions I was spent and on wobbly legs after an hour. But after the last session which was hard I bounced out of the gym feeling great.

At home I have noticed much improved flexibility when doing normal life activities – bending over, picking up items, walking up stairs, etc. My family has also noticed and commented on the improvement in my general health and fitness.

I bought a heart monitor to check my heart rate and at last weeks session even during a fairly tough routine my heart stayed at much lower rate showing improved cardiovascular health.
I have already signed up for another block of 10 sessions and will continue with Christina as my personal trainer.